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Artists in Residence –

October 21, 2020

For three months I worked together with the writer Thomas Empl, during an artistic residence in Münster (Germany), as part of LITFILMS 2020 (Literatur Film Festival -Münster)
We searched for intermediate spaces and created an experimental film called “Cadaver exquisito”, looking for the relationship between writing and moving images. A film inspired by text and a text inspired by images, made during our staying between the country (Kloster Bentlage-Rheine) and the city (Münster).


August 10, 2020

In Interview with Aline Helmcke about my work as a filmmaker, my view on poetry film, and the project as artist in residence – Litfilms in Münster.

“Sinfonía del viaje a la Luna” Online

August 12, 2020

In the digital platform of Latin American cinema: Retina Latina, you can watch “Sinfonía del viaje a la Luna” (A Journey to the Moon Symphony), a stop motion short film made in 2014.
This animation is part of the collection of the 30 years of the School of Film and Television of the National University of Colombia.

Poetry film “El canto de las moscas”

Follow the production of the Poetry film “El canto de las moscas” (Song of the flies). A collaborative animation project, in which 9 Colombian artists hold an audiovisual dialogue based on poetry book of the same name, written by the well-known Maria Mercedes Carranza (1945–2003). Each of the 24 short poems published in 1998 refers to a town in Colombia where a massacre took place in the 90’s. The poems therefore describe a topography of violence and horror.

Wildnis -Poetryfilm-Project

This feature film is a collaboration with artists from Thuringia and Saxony. An animated feature film based on the poem by the Thuringian writer Daniela Danz.

Together with the filmmakers Aline Helmcke, Ana María Vallejo, Catalina Giraldo Vélez, Franka Sachse, Juliane Franke, Urte Zintler.
With the project management of Literarische Gesellschaft Thüringen e.V. and the funding by Thüringer Staatskanzlei.